Indoor or outdoor wood-fired ovens may be constructed with block and stucco, brick, stone, tile, or a combination of materials. 

Outdoor brick oven with Flemish Bond pattern

Outdoor brick oven with tile roof and antique chimney piot

Today's savy home chefs love to cook in wood=fired ovens because the flavor can't be beat

There is something to be said about the old-world technology of a hand-built brick oven heated with fire from cordwood. Artisan bakers prefer brick ovens for many reasons, tradition being chief among them. At HearthMasters we take pride in planning the best oven design for each individual chef.

Serving the Midwest region.

Indoor barbecue converted to an oven

Brick oven finished with brick and stucco

Gene Padgitt:

-Certified Heater Mason

-30-years experience
-Serving the Midwest Region

Ovens finished with:




Man-made stone



-Wood bin

-Tile, slate, or comp roof

-Brick or Class A chimney